Cell Phone Driving Distraction

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Cell Phones Increase Driver Distractions

We live in a world where almost everyone has a smartphone. While smartphones and the apps to which they provide access have connected the world and provided added convenience, they have also created a new threat, one that does not discriminate between age groups, genders or races and can make anyone a victim – distracted drivers.

The beeping sound of a text message or email, the flashing notification of a new Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook message, or an old fashion phone ring tempts even the most cautious drivers to avert their eyes from the road.

While no age group is immune from distracted driving, studies found teenage drivers to be particularly tempted to use their phone while driving – whether it be to change the song streaming from Pandora, Apple Music, or Spotify; to get directions from Google Maps or Waze; to snap photos; or to send that all important text message. In fact, a disturbing trend, primarily among young people, has recently emerged wherein the driver will take a selfie AND post it to the driver’s preferred social media platform all while driving, using the hashtag #ihopeidontcrash.

Unsurprisingly, distracted driving can and often does lead to a car accidents, which leave people injured or, in worst case scenarios, dead. Distracted driving, particularly texting and driving has been called as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Distracted Driver

New Orleans drivers used their phones, on average, more than twice during each drive, which makes New Orleans the number one city for distracted driving, according to one study. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Louisiana State Police instructed the Troopers to specifically look for instances of distracted driving.

Pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statute 32:300.5 all distracted driving – talking, texting, emailing, posting to Facebook or Instagram, etc. – is illegal. The fine for a first offense is $500 and $1,000 thereafter. Additionally, if a distracted driver is involved in a car accident the fine is automatically doubled.

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