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Q: Will he be released or will his probation continue to hold him?: My fiance was arrested Saturday for a Traffic attachment. Monday we also found out he had a probation violation, hold without bond. Tuesday he went to court and his traffic was dismissed we just have to pay. Now he is just sitting in Jail on the probation hold. The crimes that they say violated his parole has been dropped one was a felony and one was a misdemeanor. They are still holding that against him and his traffic that was merely just fines that needed to be paid. I’m literally 3 months pregnant and this is our 2nd time getting pregnant the first time I miscarried. He still says don’t stress how could I not stress… someone please help an about to be mother in Distress.

Asked over 3 years ago in Criminal Defense

A: George’s answer: You/your fiancee needs to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to straighten all of this out. Good luck.

Answered over 3 years ago.
Q: How can I send legal documents to inmate at Louisiana State Penitentiary?: Hello Counselors, I would like to send legal documents my friend wanted me to make copies of for the parole board. (He is in a cellblock 23 hours a day & doesn’t want to risk having someone else do it for him & taking a chance on not receiving all his certificates & awards being returned back to him.)
I made copies & put them in 1 folder for the parole board & the originals are in a separate folder for him to keep. How do I go about sending these as legal documents? BTW, I am in Ohio & he is incarcerated at Louisiana State Penitentiary. TIA

Asked over 3 years ago in Federal Crime

A: George’s answer: There is no way for you to send him legal mail if you are not his attorney. If your friend has an attorney, I recommend reaching out to his attorney. Good luck.

Answered over 3 years ago.
Q: Can I still be charge with felony theft after 17 years in Louisiana total amount 1,200 : I went to get fingerprint, and was told I had an active warrant for immovable property from rent a center from 17 years ago. Now I’m applying to law school and don’t know if this will hinder me.

Asked over 3 years ago in Criminal Defense

A: George’s answer: It’s highly doubtful that you will be charged on a 17 year old theft of less than $1,500. However, I concur with the other attorneys, in that you need to retain an attorney to clear this up and get it expunged before going to law school and becoming a member of the bar. Good luck.

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