hire an attorney

New Years Resolution: Don’t wait to get an attorney.

The New Year represents a time to start fresh and create new goals and ambitions for yourself including getting the legal help you need. So, if you are in a situation where you need to hire an attorney, the beginning of a new year, is a good motivation to start with a blank slate.

Many people are terrified of hiring an attorney for the first time, thinking that you could hire the wrong one, or don’t understand what they are seeing and most importantly the legal fees. One question to ask is: How much is it worth for the peace of mind that comes from handing the problem over to a professional?

Below, find some some situations where hiring a lawyer is essential:

You Could Go To Jail

  • If you are at risk of going to jail, stay clear of representing yourself in court. Your scope of understanding might be limited on the given subject. It protest your best interest to represent yourself in criminal court trial. Your life could be on the line, and a criminal case is nothing to joke about. Having a choice does not mean you must take it.

You Could Lose A Lot of Money

  • If you are involved in a lawsuit and could lose a lot of money, finding an attorney is key.

Your Opponent Has an Attorney

  • If your opponent has an attorney, you are at a disadvantage and they will will try to overwhelm you or impress you with theatrics and grandstanding

Injuries are Involved

  • The insurance company you are making the claim against will have attorneys representing and fighting for them. Our attorneys have spent years and countless hours studying the particulars of the law and gathering knowledge to represent clients in matters involving injuries, specially car accidents.

You Need a Divorce

  • In a divorce, there’s a good chance you and your spouse won’t agree on many of the aspect of the settlement. When you hire an attorney, the process becomes less emotional and it helps you focus on the legalities of the separation. Also, a divorce attorney, will help you understand the terms of your settlement including the division of properties, custody arrangements, discuss alimony, and overall reach a financial agreement.

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